BGW Prayer Group Help Guide

BGW Prayer Group - WhatsApp Group | Frequently Asked Questions

This prayer group is closed WhatsApp group which is created and maintained by Binkam Gospel Works. The purpose of this WhatsApp group is

  1. Share any prayer requests with the group members.
  2. Pray faithfully for the requests shared in the group.
  3. Share the progress on the prayer requests.
  4. Praise God  for the positive answers received.
  5. Pray for the affected family for the negative answers received.

Even though this is a private and closed group, we cannot restrict the group members sharing the prayer requests to other prayer groups for prayer support. So, we advise you not to share any prayer request which requires data privacy.

The group members will be praying faithfully based on the status shared in the prayer request. If the progress is not shared in the group, our prayers will be wrong and meaningless. This also wastes the time of group members which could have been used for true requirements.

While sharing the prayer request, please make sure the following detail are there

  1. Name of the person who actually requires prayer
  2. The description of the prayer request like,
    1. The purpose
    2. The known hindrances of the situation (if any)

These details helps us to pray meaningfully. But we believe, it is the guidance of the Holy Spirit to pray, which is the mandatory for our prayers. So, share the accurate information as far as possible.

You can join the prayer group by clicking the group invitation link ->

It is expected from the group members to keep the professionalism to respect the privacy of others. This group may contain many others who are  unknown to each other. So, the group administrators cannot restrict the one-to-one communication between the group members. But, if any group member reports abuse, harassment –

  1. A private warning is issued to the culprit and acknowledgement to the victim.
  2. If the victim experiences the same issue, a public warning in the group is issued to the culprit.
  3. If still the issue persists, the member will be removed from the group, and the victim is requested to keep the screenshots or written mail regarding the issue experienced to for record purpose, to produce to any legal authorities, if the situation has to be escalated.
  4. In any case, the group admins are not responsible.