The truth of the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ set me free from the bondage of sin, and enabled me to take up the role he assigned to me!

What we offer for your edification?

Devotional Articles

Prayerfully written devotional articles will be available for your edification and encouragement

Gospel Graphics

Encouraging short video clips with verses and animations or images. Our goal is to use any medium to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Special Online Meetings

As God inspires and leads, there will be special online meetings via zoom and YouTube to convey the message received from the Lord either for encouragement, admonishion or comfort.

Prayer and Incercession

This is one of the key ministries required. We are chosen generation and royal priesthood. The priestly job is interceding for the believers.

Social Media Connect

Social media is the place where most of the world hangout. Our goal is to care for the people to save their souls using the word of God. We will share the devotional content and graphics and messages for the edification of everyone.


Yes, you saw correct. Everyone of us need to learn continuously from the Holy Spirit. Because, he will lead us into the complete truth.

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